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CSLPA beckons you to an exciting adventure in learning. You are invited into deep personal growth and rich spiritual exploration through the tracks and courses offered here. Our classes encourage you to pursue whatever level of personal, spiritual, or professional work in the world you feel called upon to do. Through academic rigor, breadth of content and depth of experiential processes, we are committed to fostering growth and transformation in adult students.

At CSLPA you have educational choices, along multiple tracks: Life Enrichment Track, Science of Mind and Spirit Track, Practitioner Track. Each track is designed to offer an ever-deepening experience, while providing for continuing education and certification possibilities (where required).

​Life Enrichment Track
We understand that Science of Mind is often considered a spiritual psychology. Since CSLPA is committed to global transformation through a world that works for everyone and personal transformation by creating a life that works for each of “us”, your personal growth, emotional intelligence, and mind/body maturity can be significantly furthered through ongoing participation in our Life Enrichment classes.Throughout the year we will provide opportunities for students to participate in various types and lengths of courses. These classes are offered by qualified members of the Community and our Leadership. There are no prerequisites to attend any of these classes.

For more information and registration you can find each course listed in our Events Calendar.

If you are interested in offering a class in the Personal Growth Track, please contact Rev. T. or Rev. Clancy.

Science of Mind & Spirit Track
This track is for students on a spiritual journey toward personal healing and transformation through the principles and practices of the Science of Mind. Through this curriculum, individuals are invited to explore the power of conscious living, positive thinking, powerful techniques and spiritual practices.The classes offered in this track are certified with the Centers for Spiritual Living in Golden, Colorado.

The courses are divided into three levels:

Level One:
These courses begin your journey of transformation! Learning techniques and skills, spiritual practices and an introduction to the basic principles of the Science of Mind we invite you to explore the teachings of Science of Mind and the writings of Ernest Holmes in depth and for your deepening personal application. Foundations and one (1) of the Ernest Holmes Classes are required to move on to Level Two.

Level Two
These courses are designed to provide a life-long learning program in consciousness deepening, practical application, and spiritual theory. Completion of 6 courses between Levels One and Two (156 hours) allows a student to enter Level Three, Inward Journey or Practitioner Training (with interview/approval of Rev. T. and Rev. Clancy).

Level Three, Inward Journey or Practitioner Training
This class is an intensive 30-week course for the spiritually committed, maturing student. A spiritual boot camp for growth and transformation. Heal your life at every level! Create the life you choose!

Each course is registered, upon completion, with the Centers for Spiritual Living, Golden, CO.


These classes are offered throughout all Centers for Spiritual Living and are also available as online classes.  As CSLPA grows, we will add classes to enable students to grow and complete "requirements" in a timely manner.

Level One - Both are Required 
Foundations of the Science of Mind
The Philosophy of SOM: Essential Ernest or Ernest Holmes: Life and Times

Level Two

HISTORY - 1 Required 
Exploring Roots 
From Whence We Came 

CONSCIOUSNESS  - 2 Required 
Building a Healing Consciousness 
The Creative Process in the Individual 
Meditation is More than you Think 
The Power of Your Word 
Practical Mysticism 
Self Mastery: The Emergence of the True Self 
Spiritual Practices for Daily Living 
Thomas Troward: The Mind and the Universe 

ELECTIVES - 1 Required
Bible and New Thought 
Emerson's Essays 
Emma Curtis Hopkins 
Financial Freedom 
The Five Gifts for an Abundant Life 
The Magic of the Soul 
The Power of Decision 
Principles of Successful Living 
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success 
Shortcut to a Miracle 
Spiritual Economics 
This Thing Called You 
What the Mystics Knew 

Level Three

Inward Journey or Practitioner Training

Practitioner/Ministry Track

Contact Rev. T. or Rev. Clancy for details and information.

We welcome you into this great adventure. We are here to support, encourage, coach and empower you as you explore the courses and tracks for your unfolding journey.  May your path be fruitful and passionate, deepening and revealing.  May you come to know your Self as you experience the Presence of the Divine.

In Gratitude,

​Rev. T. and Rev. Clancy