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Meet Rev. Asha. ( Trisha Burson-Johnson )

                                                   I finally heeded the deeper calling of my True Self and entered

                                                    Holmes Institute (an accredited program for a Master's Degree in                                                 Consciousness Studies) in 2010. I graduated May 2014 with final 

                                                   oral panels in August 2014 when I became officially "Rev. Trisha".

                                                   Whoohoo! I was ordained in June 2017 and had my

                                                   official Ordination Ceremony on July 20, 2018.  A new name,

                                                   Asha, has also found me and I'm stepping into that more and

                                                   more each day.The path is ever winding and filled with joy.                

                                                   I continue to dive more deeply into my Ministerial life and  

                                                   Professional Practitioner work, creating new programs and

                                                   classes, teaching wherever I go, and being the presence of

                                                   Light and Joy, whatever I'm engaged in.  I'm working more on

                                                   "Being" these days.  The "doingness" happens naturally from that


I have a rich and varied life, as you can tell from my many projects!  It started when I was young...

I became involved in children's theatre at the age of eleven, which enabled me to take my inner confidence and learn how to express it to the outer world.

I was in retail in my early working life of teens and twenties, moving from sales to management.  In that time I also co-operated a Guard Dog Service and toured with a performing group in elementary schools and helped co-found a large non-profit children's theatre program, expressing my own gifts and assisting others to discover theirs through the experience of live performance.

In my late twenties I discovered that my calling was to be a Drama Teacher.  I was able to do that work in the Fullerton School District from that time until my mid-thirties.

I heard another "call" to move to St. Louis, MO when I was thirty five, and there I dove into my spiritual life through Centers for Spiritual Living.  I started taking classes and became a Licensed Practitioner (Spiritual Counselor) in 2001.  I continued to work as a Drama Teacher through Young Audiences of St. Louis and then became their Director of Performances, coordinating between performers and schools.

At the age of forty I married a long time love/friend and moved back to my old stomping grounds in Orange County, CA.  I picked up where I left off teaching in Fullerton and became VERY active at the Center for Spiritual Discovery in Costa Mesa, CA.  Then life shifted again when I received another "nudge" from Spirit to be a primary caregiver.

My husband and I moved to San Diego, CA in 2007 to care for his mother and grandmother until their passing.  A short time after moving, we discovered Universal Spirit Center in the Hillcrest area of San Diego, where I again dove into my own spiritual growth and became deeply involved in the daily life of the Center.  I was a Staff Minister there for a year and a half, loving the community and growing in my ministry.

From 2008 to 2014 I also worked with Young Audiences of San Diego, teaching Drama residencies in public schools.  I only recently "retired" from that form of Drama teaching, although I still teach Spiritual Improv for adults and am looking at ways to bring that part of who I am in service in new ways.

In March of 2015 my husband and I discovered Port Angeles, WA and fell in love.  We knew we had found our new place, and my VERY long term Vision of creating a Spiritual Center, eventual Co-Housing Community and other facets of an Everyday Place for people to come together in community began to take a more solid form.

Next "God Shove"...?

I'm deeply grateful for:

  • the amazing and endless support of my husband, friends and family, who always see the Truth of me and remind me when I forget,
  • our dog, Jyoti (Gee-O-Dee) who keeps me walking, laughing and pausing to enjoy life
  • the amazing support, both tangible and intangible, that continues to flow in and through our lives,
  • the rich compost of life, which we keep feeding with good stuff and turning over to keep it healthy,
  • remembering to be present "NOW" and do whatever is called for in this moment, instead of always leaping into the future,
  • each precious moment!

In Gratitude,
Rev. Asha