Rev. Trisha Burson-Johnson (Rev. T.)

I’ve always been drawn toward positive possibilities.

Since discovering and deepening my spiritual explorations

through Science of Mind and Spirit, I have begun to understand,

at a heart level, the Truths that support a long held belief in

Oneness and our connection with that powerful Presence.

As a Minister/Practitioner it is my honor and joy to remember

the Truth for myself and others through listening, being present

to what is, and spiritual practices, such as meditation, service,

stillness, silence, laughter, movement and Affirmative Prayer. 

My mission is to be authentic and open, safe and joyous, and to be in service to others so as to create a positive ripple in my own life, my community and out into the greater world. 

If you knew anything was possible, what would be the next step you would take towards your dreams?  I'm avalable for one-on-one spiritual coaching.  Call me when you are ready to dive into your life and swim in the "usual" miracles of everyday life.

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Rev. Dr. Clancy Blakemore

It is my joy to create an environment in which we may each discover more of the awesome, powerful beings we are. One purpose is to be a compassionate witness as people transform their lives. I know that learning has no limits in terms of age, education, or past experiences.  I encourage embracing the unknown as a journey filled with limitless potential for a more empowered life.

I am an ordained minister, counselor and educator with many years experience as a transformation facilitator for spiritual and personal growth.  Semi-retired, I continue my work with people of all ages.  I hold a Masters Degree in Education, a Ph.D. in Psychology and an honorary D. of Divinity.


Contact me confidentially at or 559-741-3024

254 N. Bagley Creek Rd.

Port Angeles, WA 98362 
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