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Music & Arts

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At CSLPA we intend the Arts to be in integral part of our Vision and our expression.  As we grow, you will see examples of how this "out-pictures" on this page.

At the heart of CSLPA is a place where ideas meet creativity and self expression. Its more than just about talking the talk. It’s also about walking the walk, feeling the feelings, and living the life of Spirit as you and as me.

Not everyone believes they are artistic, or even creative. Yet to know we are creative beings, we must actually experience our unique creativity. Opening to creativity and releasing our creative expression, no matter how simple, strengthens our ability to co-create a joyous and beauty-filled life. Whether you are an artist or simply a creator of your own life, CSLPA is a catalyst for artistic expressions, an incubator of visionaries, and an appreciator of the arts. You can find within our community a passion for the possible, a feast of talent, and a whole host of venues for creativity and self-expression. You are invited to be a part of the feast – come express your Self!

Music and Arts Programs at CSLPA

As we grow and attract creative souls to our Center, we will begin to find ways to express our unique gifts.  Want to play?  Talk to Rev. T. and let's see where we might begin.

Our long term Vision includes:

Music Program: Music opens the heart and lifts the soul!  Talk Thursdays, Rituals and Special Services are filled with community and consciousness-shifting songs provided by our music program.

Concerts and Shows: We love to share Conscious Music by hosting guest artists and creating Theatrical productions to engage the broader community.  We will also have Spiritual Improv classes/groups to facilitate "present moment" thinking and creativity.

Visual Arts:  Beauty soothes the eye and invigorates the mind. Visual stimulation speaks in a way the heart can hear. CSLPA supports the visual arts in our rotating art gallery for community artists to display their work. In addition, we will encourage the sharing of their artwork to create our spiritually uplifting and beautiful space.

If you are interested in expressing your Self, contact Rev. T.