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254 N. Bagley Creek Rd.

Port Angeles, WA 98362 
Tax ID# 81-1001476


 to a spiritual community      

We meet in the Big Barn

on our beautiful 7 acre property.

Contact Rev. T. for

information about our Gatherings and Events.




the Divine in All

All photos are from our beautiful property...


 your best through education

Current Events:

Meditation Monday

      In the Big Barn (dress w/layers).

      7:00 - 7:30pm

Thursday Evening Experience

      Singing together, prayer, reading from powerful sources,    

      a bit of breath and silence.

      In the Big Barn (dress w/layers).

      7:00 - 8:00pm

PlayGround Improv Class 6 Saturdays, 9/30-11/11/17

      In the Big Barn (dress w/layers).
      2:30- 4:30pm